Can BTT control individual Function Keys the way Karabiner-Elements does?

I'm currently using Karabiner-Elements to map what each Function Key does. Does BTT have this same functionality? I not, I would find it a handy feature. Thanks.

Yes, you can do it two different ways:

  1. Using BTT, you can directly use a F1-F12 as shortcut triggers by creating a new Trigger, then new Action, then just tying in which function key you want to repurpose in the "Click here to record shortcut" box. If your function key doesn't show up, you may have a setting in System Preferences disabled where you are required to press fn + F1 for F1 to actually send that key (otherwise it would sent the "Decrease Brightness" system command). Reference image here.

You can change having to press fn to enable your function row by going to  > System Preferences > Keyboard > and check "Use F1, F2, etc. keys as standard function keys". Reference image here.

  1. If that's giving you trouble or you like scripting options or you want to reassign F13-F20 (which don't physically exist on most Apple keyboards anymore), then you can do it by writing an AppleScript to simulate the key press. You would then need to create an AppleScript to simulate your function key press, save it as a Named Trigger, and then use that to run whatever action you want.

Is there a specific workflow/action you're trying to accomplish or an area where you're getting stuck involving function keys? A more detailed question and request for help would get you a more details and specific answer to your issue.

Thanks so much!

@onboard Just one little addition to what @tristinDLC has told you. The F-Key can even be double assigned with BTT, short/long pressed. I do it like this. This works very well.

Excellent. Thank you too.