callBTT in real javascript doesn't work

Running this just outputs "done" and not "test" like expected.
The button actually changes and then changes back to 'done' very quickly'

I have tried to call returnToBTT() before callBTT and using await and nothing helped

(async () => {
let widgetConfig = {
text: 'test'
callBTT('update_touch_bar_widget', {uuid: '862E72FC-4817-4BD3-9440-B9671F78DD4D', json: widgetConfig});


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I have this problem, too.

(async ()=> {

callBTT('refresh_widget', {uuid: '604BAF41-4517-4C56-B665-F1710C405A28'});



I think you should change the category of this topic to Bugs.