Calendar widget not populating GC 3.06

Apologies in advance if I have miss posted this I am new to this great tool, this pre-set and this forum.
I am experiencing an issue on the Alpha version of GoldenChaos (3.06). The calendar widget (Next Event (Fantastical) script:, which was previously working before I had to uninstall and reinstall BTT, is not populating on the touch-bar. I am unsure what to do or what to check next. I have done the following;

Uninstalled and reinstalled BTT and GC
Uninstalled and reinstalled iCalbuddy
Ensured iCalBuddy has the proper permissions in System Preferences.
Toggled off and on the service in both the settings tool for GC and directly within BTT.
Attempted to test the script attached to the widget and it comes back with " "
I'm not sure if thats expected behavior or not.
Further more if I go into BTT settings and go into the Calendar Actions group and make it viewable it populates without issue and when selected shows upcoming events.

I hope this all makes sense. Any help would be appreciated.