Calendar Multiple lines

Hi @GoldenChaos,
Your Touch Bar is great and I have modified it a bit to suit. One thing I can't work out how to do is have two lines for the Calendar. Have for example "Day after tomorrow at 8:00 am" on line 1 and then the meeting title on line two, for example "Gym Session".

I tried adding a "\n" in to the script instead of your " - " but it didn't work, it just shows the first part.

Can you suggest a way to achieve this please, I suspect I am missing something obvious


Check my C2 Preset for explanations on how to do so! I used iCalBuddy, you'll find the scripts you'll have to modify in order to get the result :ok_hand:t3:
Don't have my MacBook here right now, so I can't copy/paste the script :confused:

Maybe because the font size is very big. Try with 11 or 12