Calendar - Current Day Widget: Bugs and Feature Requests

I've been playing with the new Calendar widget and Current Day Widget. Very nice work! Im tempting to replicate what I have done in AppleScript using your native widget. So far I have only a few stumbling blocks.

1. Font size for TWO lines is not displayed and font size option isn't working.

2. length of fields seem to be truncated too much (Specifically the Location fields in muy case).

3. The ability to omit (Not display) a certain characters that may be included in a subscribed calendar. For me, many of the subscribed calendars include a graphic character (Baseball, Football, Smily Face. etc.).

4. Looks like the Current Day Widget only works for the Current Day Events (Which obviously makes sense). Can you also provide an option or widget for NEXT Event Widget. Many of my calendars have events daily while some have events every few days and I would like the NEXT event to be displayed for that specific calendar (The "Only calendars with these names" field is specified for each of my calendar widgets.

5. Button Icon does NOT display when "No More Events" is shown. I select "Keep Next Event Area Visible If No event is visible."

Attached image(s) is my current Sports Schedule Display, and the second is trying to duplicate what I have done using the Native Widget.

My Own Code:

Native Widget: