Calendar and Reminders Widget

Well, He asked for it.... !

@Andreas_Hegenberg at Golden-Chaos BTT
It would be awesome if somebody would create a separate feature request for a native calendar widget describing what it should be able to do :slightly_smiling_face:
I'm not really using calendars often, so I'd be happy to get input here!

Here's my go:
A Calendar/Reminders widget should:

  • Be formattable as a normal BTT button
  • tappable or holdable to open up anything (e.g. a group with an array of widgets that show your shedule)
  • different Modes:
    -- Happening Now
    -- Xth Event after now
    -- countdown to event
    -- countup after event
  • Adjustable contents to display
    -- Date of event
    -- Time word To
    -- Name
    -- Calendar
    -- Address
    -- Invite
    -- etc, etc.
    -- would have a textbox: [ {Timeword To} at {Time} - {Name} ( {calendar} )]
  • Highlighting based on importance and calendar colour
  • checkbox to view this event

-- basically iCalBuddy into the Touchbar in a more efficient and integrated approach, taking inspiration from GoldenChaos-BTT and my AQT implementation of that widget

Here's my take:

Comprehensive! Some things that I think @yuuiko missed, specifically for reminders but a few calendar things too:


  • Set background/font color to calendar color
  • Function to view event in preferred calendar app on tap or hold
  • Set preferred calendar app (Fantastical/Apple Calendar)


  • Set preferred reminders app (Reminders/Fantastical)
  • Function to show reminder in preferred reminders app on tap or hold
  • Function to toggle reminder's complete status on tap or hold
  • Set background/font color to reminders list color
  • Set custom checked/unchecked icons
  • Show all reminders in a given list
  • Show all reminders in the "Scheduled" list (auto-generated by
  • Show next reminder (only today)
  • Show next reminder (up to next week)

If I think of anything else, I'll post again.


Sounds very good.

My idea about lists though, is we could make our own list using a string of many widgets set to xth event from now much like what we have now. This way we can have much more flexibility in how it’s going to look and work. Don’t know about efficiency though...

oh also:

  • new mode “section label” that can be inserted between every calendar or (anywhere you want)
    —Displays ‘Today’ if the first event of today is after it
    — Displays ‘Tomorrow’ if the first event of tomorrow is after it

e.g. The native emoji picker: there are labels that section it off. In the calendar widget it would probably be like:

[Today:] [12:30 - Event 1] [7:00 Event 2] [Tomorrow:] [3:00 - Event 3] [5:00 - Event 4]

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I wanted to bump this, since relying on icalBuddy is still not good. I'd love to move away from icalBuddy to a native widget in the next stable build, but I'm not sure if this has gotten any love since being posted.

Also, for the calendar: show only selected calendars, the ones checked in the calendar app. You might have several ones, but don't want to see al of them all the time. iCalBuddy fails here, unfortunately.

Edit: in fact, it doesn't.


A possibility to show only tasks with priority would be nice.

Hi! No intentions on hijacking the thread here, but have spent the past hour looking around and still not clear on this one.

When configuring the Calendar Modal Widget to make it work with Fantastical 3, is iCalBuddy still needed or is there native integration now? (Feb 2022). I haven't been able to make the Calendar widget display Fantastical's events, but It does work when showing Macs Calendar native events.

Also, can you please give me some info on "BTT Internal Calendar"? What is it? When should I use it?

Sorry if this has been addressed before, but just trying to make sense of the widget now.

Thanks :slight_smile: