[BY REQUEST] Just a very simple touch bar preset

Link to preset
If you have any questions, I would be happy to answer them!

All the buttons will always be on the touch bar no matter which app you are in. You can use the empty space in the middle to add buttons or widgets for individual apps if you want.

From Left to Right:

  • The Escape Button
    A simple escape button. Make sure you disable BetterTouchTool's own Escape button if you have that enabled.

  • Now Playing Widget
    Shows the current playing song or "paused" when paused. Will not show anything if no player is running.
    Tapping on the widget will play/pause.
    Tap and Hold plays the next song.

  • Mute Button (AppleScript)
    Button is faded out when the volume is muted.

  • Volume Down

  • Volume Up

  • Weather Widget
    This shows the current weather condition and temperature. Tapping on it opens a hidden group (below) that shows the weather forecast for the upcoming week.

  • Weather Forecast Group

  • Clock Widget
    Tapping on the clock widget will open up another group that has some quick stats like battery charge, IP addresses and CPU info

  • Stats Group

  • Siri Button
    Invokes Siri.

  • More Button
    This button will be a faded out white when your Macbook is unplugged and green when it's plugged in. Tapping on it opens another group where you can hide any other extra buttons that you don't use often to keep the touch bar looking clean.

  • More Group
    This currently only has an emoji picker and a lock button that locks the screen

Thanks alot <3

I grabbed your preset to utilize a couple of things but unfortunately the More button won't activate the More Group.

Any idea why that might happen? I did remove a few things I didn't want to use.

Make sure you have a group called "More" (case-sensitive) under your touch bar triggers

Yep, it's there. The Date/Time opens the stats group properly. I tried reordering them just to see if that was causing an issue - no luck.

Figured it out. The More group was actually named "More Group" but the trigger was assigned to "More" only.

Oh. Thank you for catching that. I did edit the preset in a text editor to change some of the descriptions, I must have changed that without realizing that it would change the group's actual name. I fixed it and added the updated link!

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