BusyCal as a Calendar app option?

Is it possible to have calendar events open in BusyCal instead of either Calendar or Fantastical? (This was possible, with some editing, before the native calendar widget.)

@Andreas_Hegenberg would need to add this as an option to the calendar widget; I would be happy to support it in GC's UI as an alternate calendar selection if he does so!

Fantastical went to subscriptions. Just ditched the app and got BusyCal.

Long time BusyCal here and a new BTT user, so a big +1!

@Andreas_Hegenberg pinging you again on this! Additionally, there is an issue with Fantastical support: attempting to tap on an event to show that event inside of Fantastical instead just toggles the menu bar item. This is specifically a regression related to the new Fantastical 3 that was released earlier this year, which BTT does not seem to support.

3.361 alpha adds support for BusyCal and Fantastical 3

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