Bugs with Floating Menu item (slider) via HTTP API

Please see the screen recording video
The following bugs have been observed since the first release of Floating Menu until current alpha 4.278

Bug 1: (Video time 00:24)
• Why is the value of Value Change script being used to update the menu text of slider?

Bug 2: (Video time 00:54)
set_menu_item_value API: always update the slider UI to 0 position
After this, get_menu_item_value API returns correct value being set.

Bug 3: (Video time 01:00)
get_menu_item_value API: returns value being set via API, but the UI remains at 0 position

Additional questions / issues
How do I update the text of the slider menu item via HTTP API?
I have tried the following HTTP call, but nothing changed:{"BTTMenuItemBackgroundColor":"20,%20200,%2020,%20255","BTTMenuItemText":1697362113995}&persist=true

Note: The first 20s of the video is showing me restarting BTT just to be sure.

Device information:

  • Type of Mac: Macbook Pro M2 Max
  • macOS version: 13.5.2 (22G91)
  • BetterTouchTool version: 4.278 ( & all versions before this)