Bugs in Clipboard Manager

Describe the bug
I have started using the Clipboard manager more actively lately. I have noticed multiple bugs when having different shortcuts and transformers. They can be briefly summarized as

Example 1:

  • I have defined a shortcut to Paste items at positions 1 as Paste as Plain Text

This results in pasting the text surrounded by quotes, which is a filter that I have indeed defined but has nothing to do with this shortcut.

Example 2:

  • When defining a shortcut to Paste items at position 1 and 2, I had to go multiple times over the last dropdow ("OR choose one ") and make sure there's nothing selected. Even if the selection in the dropdown above was already made.

The clipboard manager shows a lot of promise. I've been using Pastebot and if BTT Clipboard Manager will behave consistently I believe it can replace many clipboard manager.

he he, forgot to mention system details:
BTT 3.821
macOS 12.5

with gratitude,

@Andreas_Hegenberg have you seen similar reports? Is there anything I could check?

This is the definition of the shortcut:


The action is "Paste as Plain Text". Still it pastes the lines surrounded by (). Indeed, I do have such Clipboard Manager/Java Script Transformer defined. But it's not referred to in the definition of the above shortcut at all.

This looks to me as a bug in BTT.

After posting the above, I went on to edit all the shortcuts and select from each of the the standard paste action and then empty in the OR.

Next I've started to validate them and I was surprised to noticed that sometimes even the values are getting mixed (as in: for an action that is supposed to paste items at positions 1, 2 it might sometimes paste the same value twice).

I really wished this feature would've been more predictable & stable to allow me to replace PasteBot.

there is a setting “move pasted item to top” or something like that (not currently on my computer). If that’s enabled, pasting multiple items can be confusing because their order is changed while pasting.

  1. I'm not sure where to check that setting. I've looked around but don't see anything resembling that.
  2. When doing the tests, I had the clipboard viewer up and the items were not changing their order.

This one: