Bug with floating menu and button borders

The borders in floating menus and their buttons seem to be drawn skewed somehow. It's not so noticeable when they are 1 or 2 px wide, but larger than that, they are pretty bad. See images and video:

M1 Macbook Pro (14.0) and M3 Macbook Air (14.3)
Latest stable BTT as of yesterday

ah thanks for reporting, I'll fix that


While you're at it, any chance you could allow negative numbers to make borders outside the menu or button dimensions? I'm currently trying to set up a frame around a window, and it would be easier to just enter a negative number in the border width rather than doing a bunch of offsets.

unfortunately that's not possible as I can only draw inside of the window. (it would be possible to translate all values, but with the current architecture I can't do that)