Bug: Version 2.800 (1077) → 2.800 (1078) Update Infinite Loop

Updating from v2.7## to → v2.800 installs 2.800 (1077). After successful install, v2.800 (1078) becomes available after which it cannot be installed via any method incl. in-app updater or any version link i.e. 'BetterTouchTool.zip', 'btt2.800.zip', etc.


Device Information:
• MacBook Pro
• macOS Mojave Version 10.14.4
• BTT Versions 2.717 / 2.800 (1077) / 2.800 (1078)

Additional Information:
• N/A

Note resolved with restart, etc.

Thanks for reporting! Fixed now :slight_smile:

I am still experiencing this issue. Stuck on 1077 and unable to update to 1078.

Also my settings were wiped after I restarted my computer :frowning:

1078 was just a display error, it doesn't really exist!

Did you get back your settings? BTT keeps various backups in case they somehow got deleted.

//edit: I just pushed a very small update, now 1078 does indeed exist when manually checking for udpates :wink: