Bug? ⌘+v .......

I have a number of such action sequences. This should open a web page in the current tab.

Since the penultimate update (approximately), this no longer works if the text is entered with ⌘+v.

I have now changed them all to "insert text by typing". This way it works again. But this is probably a bug.

weird I have had various reports of this, but they all said it was fixed with the new alphas. Are you sure it’s still occurring for you?

Ah, do you mean 4,487? Sorry, I haven't done this update yet :smiling_face_with_tear:

no, it should already be solved in the previous alphas. But maybe your issue is different. It might also depend on the macOS version

I have 4.485 and Ventura 13.2.1

If it is solved for others and in my case it is due to macos, I have no problem with "typing text". The most important thing is that it works.

Ah maybe one of the changes made for macOS 14.4 doesn’t work well on macOS 13. I’ll have a look!

Ich habe jetzt nochmal auf meiner macOS 13 Maschine getestet, dort funktioniert es aber "leider" auch. Könntest du mir bei Gelegenheit mal wieder die Debug Daten (Help => Export diagnostic debug information) zusenden (andreas@folivora.ai)?