Bug: Utility Actions - Insert/Type/Past Custom Text, Not Working

Currently (latest version of BTT) I am unable to use the ‘Type Custom Text’ action for a TouchBar button.
I think it’s failing in 2 areas but not sure;
1: I used to be able to type a number followed by the return key. e.g. 86↩︎. Now the return key doesn’t seem to be recognised.

2: Insertion method; ‘Insert Text by Typing’. If I choose this method, in the ‘Actions Assigned to Selected Trigger’ field, it only ever says Paste Text as the chosen method.
And when I actually try using the new TouchBar button nothing happens. The text is neither being Typed nor Pasted as far as I can tell.
However as you can see in the screenshot, similar buttons set up in the past are still working, I just can't make new ones now.

I’m using a 2017 MacBook Pro, OS10.14.5

Thanks for reporting! v3.158 alpha is currently being built and should fix this. (Will be available in about 10 minutes).

Wow, now that’s what I call a speedy turnaround!!!
Fixed and working, thank you😎