Bug? Shortcut cannot be overwritten

I am reporting this because it is a very rare event. I'm actually experiencing it for the first time.

There is a shortcut in Devonthink that BTT apparently cannot override: ⌘+F. BTT shows the shortcut in the "Recently Used" but it always executes the "original action" of Devonthink, whatever I set up in BTT.

if you assign the „show hud“ action or similar, does BTT execute these or does it really do nothing? (if it’s in recently used, BTT should have recognized it)

I had the same idea. The hud is not displayed, but BTT registers the shortcut as if a BTT action had been executed.

Mm, what works is
shortcut ⌘F does nothing
key Sequence ⌘F does something

Some of the recent alphas had a bug where when you selected a non-default action category, then jumped to a different trigger category (e.g. from Trackpad to Keyboard), it would not automatically switch back to the default action category. Instead it would try to create a action for an action category that might not be supported for the now selected trigger type. Maybe this is what happened here?

Which version are you currently on?

Sorry, what I said is not true. With the key sequence ⌘F a hud is shown, but the original action of Devonthink is still executed. Although the shortcut ⌘F is set to "no action".

Version 4.543

Und äh, von deiner Erklärung habe ich leider nichts verstanden. Liegt natürlich an meinem hervorragenden Englisch :joy:

Aber ich glaube nicht, dass das der Fall ist. Mache ich das gleiche mit ⌘D funktioniert alles immer wie erwartet. Ich kann gut bei diesem shortcut bleiben.