Bug?: shortcut and key repetition

For example, if I set up ⌘+J = left arrow with key repetition, the "original" shortcut is executed after a few seconds if the keys remain pressed.

As far as I can tell, this happens with every modifier and letter.

Oh thanks, this could be due to a recent change. Could you check whether 4.447 works again for you?

Mm, what happens now is that the key repetition does not stop again when the keys are released. :slightly_smiling_face:

Is that cmd+j a normal shortcut defined in BTT? Or is there anything special about how you trigger it?

It is configured exactly as you show it, for all apps, globally (but with repeat rate 0.02, instead of 0.08).

I have tried this in several apps. The error is always the same. The shortcut continues endlessly when the keys are released.

0,02s is not very much, it means if you hold the key for 1 second, it will output 50x, 2 seconds 100x etc.
Are you sure it's not just executing the repeats for the amount of seconds you held the key?

Am I getting this wrong? Shouldn't the repeat continue as long as the keys are pressed and stop (immediately) when the keys are released?

It's a bit complicated. There is a hidden setting that will make it work like this, you can activate it by running this terminal command:

defaults write com.hegenberg.BetterTouchTool BTTNoShortcutDelay YES

Historically BTT had to add a little delay between keyboard shortcuts to make them work reliably. However it seems on current macOS versions (I quickly checked v13 and 14) this doesn't seem to be necessary anymore. (This delay was added ~12 years ago, and I think I have never reevaluated it since then)

Ok, I'll try that, thanks.The aim is that ⌘+j works exactly the same as if I were holding down the arrow key. This is the only way to move the cursor in a text in a useful way.

I'm making that "no-delay" setting the default in 4.448 alpha to see whether it causes any issues.

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4.448 is perfect! Thank you very much. Now you can use this for navigation in a text :smiley: