BUG: Screenshot Tool Settings Reset

When using the predefined action "Capture & Edit Screenshow or Video (using new Mojave tools)" on the screenshot touchbar button, BTT automatically defaults the save location to Desktop. After changing it to clipboard instead and taking a screenshot, it will save to the clipboard. Then, once you click the screenshot button again, the previous setting of saving screenshot to clipboard is reset back to desktop. Is there a way for BTT to save the setting or is this a bug with BTT?

Update: Bug still present

BTT always uses this command for this action:

 /usr/sbin/screencapture -i -U -u -t png ~/Desktop/temp.png

If you need a different one, you can use the "Execute Terminal Command" action with changed parameters. (See" screencapture --help" for more info)

Thanks so much - I was able to switch to save to clipboard instead but would prefer if it would save the selected option like it does on the native Mojave feature but this is good enough.