[bug report] '2 finger tap' trigger 'Right Click' result a very slow trigger

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  1. I disabled "Secondary Click" in mac Trackpad options, because I want to assign 2 finger tap and 2 finger click to two different functions rather than a secondary click

  2. I also disabled "Smart Zoom" in Trackpad options, so the 2-finger tap in magictrackpad should trigger no delay and very quickly( If enabled Smart Zoom, there will be a delay to trigger two-finger tap,that is, to figure out whether you are trigger smartzoom or secondayclick , in macOS )

  3. I set 2 finger click and 2 finger tap to different function , I set 2-finger click to 'command+ w', and 2-finger tap to 'right click' ,to expect perform a normal seconday click

the 2 finger tap can't produce 'right click'' very quickly, there is a delay and lag

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MacBook Trackpad

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  • Type of Mac: macbookpro 16inch 2019
  • macOS version: Catalina 10.15.7
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you have configured a two finger double tap as well, this means BTT needs to wait a moment before it can know whether you did a single two finger tap or a double one.

hi,I tried disabled 2-finger double-tap, but still very slow than the native 2-finger tap,

here is all my gestures:

All app:


Google Chrome:


native tap

using BTT