Bug: Move Cursor to predetermined position does not work correctly

I am using two BTT Presets, 1 for working on my monitor at my desk, the other one for working on the MBP on the go.

I am heavily relying on moving my mouse cursor to a predetermined position, everytime i trigger a specific shortcut. I have set 2 different positions for the cursor, 1 for my monitor size in the first preset, 1 for my MBP Display on the second preset. So they should act independently whenever i switch the presets.

The Bug: When i switch to my second preset, for whatever reason, the cursor postion from the first preset is still being set, everytime i hit the shortcut. I know for a fact that BTT successfully switches presets, because of other key commands that are only active in the second preset, so everything else works fine, except this mouse cursor movement.

And if i deactivate the shortcut from the first preset (still inactive), the second one suddenly works as expected, but only then. When i activate it again in the first preset, although assumingly inactive, it starts reacting to the first position again. So there must be some problem from BTT still reacting to an inactive preset (but only this specific command, however).

The exact command: A key sequence, where everytime i double click the option key, the mouse gets moved to a fixed position (Preset A for Monitor Position, Preset B for Macbook Display Position)

I am on Mac OS 13.6.3 on an MBP M1 Max 16 inch, BTT latest stable version.

Please help, this is crucial to my workflow!!

weird, seems to work fine here. Maybe try to add a "show hud overlay" action to your sequence, to see whether for some reason the actions from the other preset are still triggered.

Yes, i just did exactly that (Shortcut 1 from Preset 1 would display an "A", Shortcut 2 from Preset 2 a "B"). Definitely on the second preset, double checked, but unfortunately still only an "A" gets displayed.

And as soon as i deactivate the Shortcut 1 (while still having the second preset active), Shortcut 2 works instantly as it should. Activate Shortcut 1 again (still on the other preset), Shortcut 2 is ignored and Shortcut 1 is executed.

Anything else i could try?

Here is a picture of Shortcut 1 in Preset 1:

Here is a picture of Shortcut 2 in Preset 2:

Are you sure preset 1 is actually deactivated? (Preset 2 being active does not necessarily mean Preset 1 is disabled)

Now that you say it, i am not entirely sure. I set up these two shortcuts to switch between them.


The first preset "Apollo Volume" (with the shortcut still being executed) is apparently set as my master preset.
Anything i have to do additionally to deactivate the master preset when switching BTT presets via key commands?

You can see in the preset UI:

BetterTouchTool allows you to have one master preset and any amount of "active" presets.

With the predefined action "Switch to Preset" you can exactly define which preset shall be master, and which presets shall be active:

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Thanks for pointing out! However this is already the case, so when it switches the second one becomes the master preset, and vice versa when i switch back again.

Do you maybe have any other idea, why it is still reacting to the other shortcut?


Unfortunately no. Could you go to help => Export diagnostic debug infromation and send the result to me? (andreas@folivora.ai) Then I'll check whether I can reproduce this with your setup!

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Thank you very much, will definitely do that!

thank you! I think I found the issue and hopefully fixed it in v4.365 (now available as alpha version)

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Can confirm that it is working now, switching flawlessly. Thanks a lot!!