Bug? Key Sequences trigger incorrectly

I'm not sure when this started happening.

Key Sequences with lowercase letters also trigger with uppercase letters.


h space space = hello

H space space = hello

This should not be the case, right?

key sequences don't care about the case of a letter, they only care about the key code - which is the same for lower and upper case.

You would need to record a shift key press before if you'd like to differentiate on the letter case

True. I never noticed that until now.... I'm a little perplexed. :thinking: Every time you think you already know everything, you discover something new. Thank you!

:slight_smile: I think it should still be possible to make this only work if shift is pressed, maybe with advanced trigger conditions. I'll have a look!

Now that I understand it, that's ok with me. :slightly_smiling_face:

The sequence above triggers the same with h and H.

To distinguish you have to additionally record this sequence.