Bug issues with M3 Max

I'm having so much trouble with this tool on both the M3, max studio and the 14 inch MacBook. Issue is BTT is freezing and I cannot use a track pad with either. Is anyone else having issues?

I expected better from BTT.

Not sure how you would expect "better" from BTT (BTT is not made by Apple). The M3 Series are completely new devices and Apple obviously has not sent them to me in advance for testing.
I have ordered an M3 Max MBP, but it won't be delivered until early December.

However you could go to Help => Export Diagnostic Debug Information and send the result to andreas@folivora.ai, maybe I can already see something from the logs.

Ok - good point. I was lucky just to walk into an Apple store and they just received one m3 Max macbook that they gladly sold to me ( and I canceled my one line order for the same macbook due for late Nov. delivery).

I look forward to the late Dec update of BBT and will be patient until then.

Thanks for the response.

usually I do the same. Unfortunately they didn't receive any M3 Max's in the Apple Stores here in Munich this time ;-(

FWIW, I have an M3 Mac here (also got lucky with the store) and it mostly is working OK, with the two main bugs I spotted being

  • BTT crashes every time I try to do any paste action
  • Scroll wheel actions seem to behave very erratically on Windows Remote Desktop - both "up" and "down" scrolls seem to send "down" scroll signals. Seems to work more or less OK on mac metal
  • Specifying scroll actions with non-integer scroll amounts is ignored, in non-predictable ways (posted about that yesterday)

If I can help with logs/diagnostic information on any of the above, let me know.

Is there a patched version out yet?
I'm up to date, but it's not working