[BUG?] External disks repeated 7 times

I have 7 times my internal disk shown as external disk on my touchbar.

Could you send a screenshot of this? ⌘⇧6 to screenshot the touchbar.

This only has 1 drive double. The longer i use it the more drives i get.
Also, i have 5 drive icons when the drive counter tells me 6.

It seems to build up over time. I just rebooted my PC and now it only shows the two external disks i have. So no internal disks (Harddisk and Harddisk-Data) and no repetitions.

Neeever seen that before, that is very weird.

I did have issues with the internal disk appearing once, but never so many times

External disk widget only supports 5 disks, as I didn't want to overdo the amount of widgets there. for 5 disks, 10 widgets need to be running so any more may put stress on the CPU.

sorry for my late reply, I seem to have wrote it but forgot to send it... ahaa

Those are your boot disks right? I’ll try detecting the boot disk and see how I go. ..

I’m a bit busy right now but Can I give you some code to run when you see the error happen? I’m not having the issue so far so I need to see if the code will work and eliminate boot disk.

No problem. I can run the code you give me when this happens. Please send it over.