Bug: custom context menu

If another action is added in addition to a custom context menu, unfortunately this happens and cannot be deleted again. I suppose this is a bug.

I wanted to move the mouse to the center of the screen so that the menu always opens there.

Good point, I need to disable the ability to add items there. I think you can delete them after pressing the configure button - they are probably listed as menu items there.

Yes, that works.

The menu opens where the mouse is. I suppose then there is no way to move the mouse to the center of the screen so that the menu always opens there?

I can add an option to open at the center. Currently you could put the menu in a named trigger - then it should be possible to first move the mouse and then call the named trigger to open the menu

But then I have to rebuild my menus?

Yep! But I think in the menu config you can select & copy all of them, then paste into a new menu. (Copying the menu action itself does not work at the moment)

I must admit that I never really understood the concept of named triggers.

I built this in ".. & other triggers".

Now I should be able to assign a shortcut with this action.


But what is the name of the named trigger? Sorry, it's certainly me, but I don't understand it.

Maybe this can clarify it: Reusable Named Triggers · GitBook (folivora.ai)

(Basically they are action sequences that are independent of the trigger type, so you can call it from keyboard, gestures etc.)

Ahhhh, der Groschen ist gefallen, amazingly simple. Thanks Andreas!