BTTRemote Improvement: Add a shortcut panel instead of a list

Hi. I love BTT and I consider this is a must have for any mac users!
I gave a try to BTT Remote. For me application is useful but would be again better with this kind of following feature.
I know that it is possible to add actions in BTT Remote App. But these actions appear in a list behind the application, leaving a big part of the screen for a "trackpad". On my side, I don't need this "trackpad" at all since I am using a mouse.
Could it be possible to add an option to "hide" the trackpad part and display a series of button instead?
(Have a look at that picture):

Optionally, it would be nice also to have the possibility to "hide" the right panel, to leave much more space
This would allow BTTRemote to be used as a kind of "second keyboard", more or less the same way as "Elgato Stream Deck"

Thanks to consider this feature.

I'm currently working on a completely new BTT Remote version with a completely customizable user interface. I don't have an ETA yet but I hope I'll have an alpha version soon!

It will be a web app, so I'll be able to directly bundle it into BetterTouchTool without the need to download it from the App Store. (Web apps these days are super powerful, most people won't notice that it's not native)

Well... Looking forward to testing it soon then.