BTT Webserver stops working M1, Monterey

Describe the bug
Every so often the Webserver stops responding, everything else still works.

If I restart BTT (usually works) or go in to preferences and turn the Webserver on/off (always works), it'll work again. Often stops responding after waking from any kind of sleep, reboot etc.

Device information:

  • Type of Mac: M1
  • macOS version: Monterey (it has been happening for all versions since summer 2022)
  • BetterTouchTool version: (it has been happening for all versions since summer 2022)

Note that it works flawlessly on my Intel Mac, which is also on the same operating system, and has a nearly identical setup (nearly all the same apps etc.).

My current fix is I have a script to quit/reopen BTT, but that's not 100% reliable mentioned, sometimes have to go into config and turn Webserer on/off.

Note I have the same IP address as the computer, port 65146. (Which is also how it's setup on the Intel).

Has anyone else noticed this?

I just tried a reboot and not working again. Screenshot from Safari for example: