bTT Webserver not working

I seem to have lost the BTT Webserver. Allow external scriping is on and the webserver is enabled but i'm getting an 'unable to connect' in the browser. Any thoughts?

I'm experiencing this too. Did you ever figure this out?
I'm a junior so my knowledge is liimited :blush:

Do you use the encrypted webserver option? Or doesn't that make a difference?

I've tried both encrypted and no-encrypted. Neither are working

OK, I figured it out. I was using the laptop IP address,, but of course, when the laptop was rebooted it was assigned a new IP address and it all stopped working.

I can see this being a recurring problem with an explicitly set IP address. Is there any way something less volatile could be used?

You can always set it to, then it will listen on all local addresses.

However most users allow to always assign the same IP address to a machine.

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