bTT Webserver not working

I seem to have lost the BTT Webserver. Allow external scriping is on and the webserver is enabled but i'm getting an 'unable to connect' in the browser. Any thoughts?

I'm experiencing this too. Did you ever figure this out?
I'm a junior so my knowledge is liimited :blush:

Do you use the encrypted webserver option? Or doesn't that make a difference?

I've tried both encrypted and no-encrypted. Neither are working

OK, I figured it out. I was using the laptop IP address,, but of course, when the laptop was rebooted it was assigned a new IP address and it all stopped working.

I can see this being a recurring problem with an explicitly set IP address. Is there any way something less volatile could be used?

You can always set it to, then it will listen on all local addresses.

However most users allow to always assign the same IP address to a machine.

I have the same issue! I can't even connect on the same device. It seems as though the web server is not running at all....
In addition there is no "Copy JSON" function as described on Using HTTP Requests / Webserver · GitBook under trigger_action

It's just called copy nowadays :slight_smile: Need to update that page.
How are you trying to use the webserver?

Ah okay, Copy works. But the webserver don't.

I tried for example this:
But the connection was refused..

I just also tried this:{ "BTTPredefinedActionType" : 158, "BTTPredefinedActionName" : "Bildschirm sperren" }"

I also tried different ports.. with no success..

Did you maybe enable HTTPS?

For your example it needs to look like this:

Ye that exactly how it looks like!

Weird, then I don't know. Maybe some firewall blocking things?

You should see a blank page if you open

No, i dont even see that blank page..
But i dont have any special firewall settings..

I also found out that the help button in the web server settings leads to a dead link.

Is there any log i can get?

You can go to Help => Export Diagnostic Debug info and send it to, then I can have a look - but I'm not sure whether I'm logging anything useful here. Going to sleep now, so I won't be able to look into it until tomorrow.

Possibly also try to listen on (all interfaces) instead of (then you can also try localhost:10000 via your browser )

The docs recently moved, it's now here: Using HTTP Requests / Webserver · GitBook

OK, i send you the report. Thanks for your support. Have a good night :slight_smile:

Ah I think there is a copy & paste error in your setup:

The "listen on" textfield contains two or three lines of text which looks like this:

Which is of course no valid ip address :slight_smile: I should add a check to validate the address.

For now you should select all (cmd+a) and delete everything from that field, then just enter the address you really want to use (or if you want to allow all of them)

Yea! Now it works :slight_smile: Thanks a lot!!

Now the server is running with me a little over a year, but unfortunately I must note that it runs very unstable... it freezes several times a day and I have to restart btt to solve the problem.

Have already installed an automation that btt restarts itself every time the mac is idle, this has helped, but is also not a good and long term solution.

Is there a way to fix that? A server that does not run reliably is really extremely annoying...