BTT Volume and Brightness slider widgets working....but no longer showing the onscreen display

Hi there. I'm running BTT v3.506 on a MacBook Pro 16" with Catalina 10.15.7

I've just found that when using my BTT Volume Slider and Brightness control touch bar widgets, the on-screen display setting for these is no longer working. However, the MacOS volume and brightness sliders DO show the problem seems to only affect the BTT volume/brightness widgets. This only seems to have stopped working today, probably after my efforts to get the BTT Auto-launch option working again (which had also stopped working today).

Interestingly, the onscreen display works when I press the BTT Mute button widget....just not the onscreen displays for volume/brightness.

Any advice on how to get these onscreen displays showing again?

Can anyone confirm that the MacOS onscreen display works or doesn't work with a BTT volume or brightness slider (not buttons...they work)? i.e. when the slider is moved, do you see a popup display onscreen that indicates what the slider is doing? I was sure this worked until a few days ago.

Interestingly, the popup display appears if I use a touch bar gesture (instead of a slider) for volume/brightness.

Yes that's currently expected. The gesture emulates the keyboard shortcut and therefore can show the default macOS status indicator. The slider directly sets the brightness / volume without triggering the keyboard keys.

However it's on my TODO list to add this to the slider as well.

Hey there @Andreas_Hegenberg. Have you made any progress with this? Definitely not a nag....I'm just not sure if I've missed anything with BTT updates since my original post.