BTT trigger stops opening macOS menu


on macOS Sonoma, M1Pro MacBookPro 16"

a key triggered action sequence opening the macOS mini-programm "convert images" blocks macOS to open this programm forever till re-booting the system.

The trigger sequence (see picture):

  • for FINDER
  • key commands to navigate to the menu entry

If I use the mini-programm manually with mouse it works as expected. So I have BTT in mind that something happens which should not. Or I have overseen something?


I think it would be better to create a shortcut using Apple‘s shortcuts app, which gets the selected file and calls the convert image function on it. Such shortcuts can easily be called from BTT.

Hi. Do you might explain - not in depth - why this isn't a good idea? For me to understand about possibilities and limitations of BTT. I thought I could kind of mimic what many users do with Keyboard Maestro.

Using shortcuts app, I can set key-command there. No need for BTT here anymore.

you can do like you tried, it’s just not as performant as using Apple Shortcuts and more complex to setup correctly. Apple Shortcuts is specifically made for such actions.

The freeze might be caused by some timing issue, however it should also affect other apps where you try to trigger it this way