BTT touchbar apps not showing on my laptop [SOLVED]

After updating the Better Touch Tool app to Version 3.101. My touchbar app that i have setup in the menu bar won't show up in my touchbar at all now. I tried disabling it, restarting the app, and changing things up but no luck.


Have you tried deleting your installations of GC and reimporting? If that doesn't work, can you post a screenshot of your Touch Bar? You can get a screenshot of the Touch Bar with cmd+shift+6.

I will try that but what is GC again? Sorry i am a noob at this

Usually three of my apps that i have setup in BTT are in here but now its all blank.

same problem

Seems to work as usual here, but maybe try version 3.105.

What do you Touch Bar settings look like?

same issue here. the tool stopped working. my macbook pro 13" runs mac os 10.14.5 (18F132). btt is on version 3.105 (1212).

What do you Touch Bar settings look like?

is that what you need?

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In that case your Touch Bar is most likely just hidden. You don't have the "Show BetterTouchTool Icon in Control Strip" activated, thus it doesn't show anything BTT related.

I'd recommend to just setup a keyboard shortcut in BTT and assign the predefined action "Toggle BetterTouchTool Touch Bar", then you can easily show/hide the Touch Bar at any time. Alternatively check the "Show BetterTouchTool Icon in Control Strip", then you can toggle it using that.


i will try this. thank you.

I somehow fixed it and the apps showed up on my touchbar again all of a sudden.