BTT to simply "click" on an icon in the menu bar

I need to open an app that is in the bar menu


I think this is easy but I have searched and can't find the solution.
I need BTT to simply "click" on an icon in the menu bar.

How can I do this? With an apple script?
Forgive me but I'm new! =)

You should be able to use the "Click Menu Bar Status Item" action.

BTT is an amazing application!!! Thank you so much!!! The only thing I have seen is that when I execute the shortcut with the trackpad, the menu bar always has to be visible.
For example, if I have a full screen application on Mac (safari for example), it is not able to run.
On the other hand, if I bring my cursor up and it shows the menu bar, then it works.

I don't know if this is a limitation of Apple Mac OS X or a limitation or lack of development of BTT.

Thank you very much Andreas!!!

@Andreas_Hegenberg Does this only click on icon created by BTT? I don't see other apps showing up in the list of items to click


bettertouchtool needs the screen recording permission in system settings to access third party icons