BTT Support for Logitech Mice

I love BTT and Logitech mice, and have used them together for a long time. My favorite feature of Logitech mice is the Tilt Wheel. It works perfectly in BTT for my Logitech M325 mouse, which uses a USB dongle. However I just bought a Logitech M535 mouse, which is entirely Bluetooth, and I find that Tilt Wheel clicks are not recognized by BTT. I have never used Logitech software for their mice, and rely entirely on MacOS and BTT.

I just purchased a new BTT license, so I will be especially disappointed if the M535 is not supported. Does anyone know about this issue?


you will probably need the Logitech software to make it work. If you use the logitech software to configure the buttons to work as standard mouse buttons / scroll wheels, BTT can then recognize them. Afterwards you can probably uninstall the Logitech software again.

Newer Logitech mice do not send standard mouse events by default but usually can be configured to do so.

I don’t know the Logitech software for your mouse, but it should be possible.

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Fantastic! That worked like a charm. Thanks for the quick support.