BTT seems to be set to LISTEN on port 54776


when running lsof I can see

benwoodhouse@~ % lsof -nP +c 15 | grep LISTEN

BetterTouchTool 9560 benwoodhouse 13u IPv4 0x6b3b81281df0be35 0t0 TCP *:54776 (LISTEN)
BetterTouchTool 9560 benwoodhouse 14u IPv6 0x6b3b8128133867d5 0t0 TCP *:54776 (LISTEN)

Even though I haven't enabled the web server, is this necessary? Is this a security vulnerability?

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this is for BTT Remote. If you don't use the BTT Remote iOS app you can disable it in the settings, but it won't allow a connection without explicit confirmation :slight_smile:

Hey Andreas, Apologies I didn't see this in the config. Thanks for the quick response, consider this one closed!