BTT repeated reminders to upgrade after I have upgraded

iMac 21.5 inch i7 2015+
Apple OS 12.7.3 16GB RAM
BTT 4.401
Nearly every time I wake my iMac up BTT invites me an upgrade for versions greater than 4.378 released on 1 feb 2024.
I have installed this update many times. (Including with restart). I have clicked the "skip this version" button many times but the pop up persists.
Is this malware pretending to be a BTT update that Antivirus One has failed to spot?
I arm getting seriously annoyed by it- enough to remove BTT.
*Screenshots below-


You seem to have activated the alpha channel, there new updates will be released almost every day. Sometimes multiple times per day. You should switch to the stable update channel, which receives updates much less frequently - usually about once per month. (Or disable automatic update checking and check manually when needed)

Disable this:

Thank you very much. Screenshot essential as I had not spotted the link to the settings screen so didn't know it exists!
Cheers, this sorts it.