BTT Remote show Zoom/Teams mute status

I'm very enthused to realize one can pair BTT Remote + a global keystroke to make a mobile mute/unmute controller for Zoom. My use case is that for technical reasons, I prefer to log into a social Zoom meeting from my desktop, and go about tasks in my house using a bluetooth headset, Zoom software muted to be a good meeting participant. When I have a contribution to make to the meeting, I'm likely to be far away from the keyboard to unmute, so it's absolutely brilliant that BTT + Remote can be configured to send a shift-command-A keystroke via volume up or down.
However, the downside is that one is blind to the status. One unrealized extra button press, and your mentally tracked mute status is the invert of what you think. Zoom only supports a toggle, so there's no keystroke to define the state, only to toggle the state.
Therefore, it would be really useful if BTT could show an indicator on screen that reflects the Zoom mute status.
Even better, if it could use 3D Touch with a small haptic feedback to indicate a "push to talk" status: user has a live mic as the screen is touched, and turns off when released.