BTT-Remote - Pinch to zoom


i am a newbie when it come to BTT, so i hope i don´t ask a question that has been answered many times already.

I was looking for an app that transforms my iPhone into a multitouch trackpad. As far as i know it is theoretically possible to use a pinch to zoom gesture on BTT-Remote for iPhone. Unfortunately i am not able to activate this feature. Any ideas what needs to be done to make it happen?


You may need zoom to be enabled in System Preferences > Accessibility > Zoom ("use scroll gesture to zoom" or something similar) first? I don't know, just guessing unfortunately. All I do know is I've always enabled that feature, and pinch+spread to zoom out+in has always worked immediately on BTT Remote in the Trackpad section (make sure, once you've connected to your Mac in BTT Remote, that you have swiped left or right to activate the trackpad feature)