BTT Remote no connection until login (macOS Sonoma only)

2015 Mac mini running Monterey, connecting from BTT Remote: works quite well.

However, with a 2018 Mac mini running Sonoma, accessing from the same phone, suffers this problem: BTT is available to connect after the machine starts up, but if the Mac goes to sleep, I can no longer connect with BTT Remote; the Mac won't show on BTT Remote's connect screen. Only way to fix it is screenshare to the Mini and login. Then the Mac shows immediately in the Connect screen.

I do have "Restart BTT after wake from sleep" checked (which is not checked on the Monterey machine). If it's not checked, only a manual restart of BTT will allow BTT Remote to see the Mac.

BTT has all necessary permissions set up in security.

Different behaviour under Sonoma, it seems. Any help would be appreciated – love BTT!