BTT remote like the stream deck app ?!

It would be amazing to add a section to the BTT Remote app that has the same user experience as the Stream Deck app. Are you planning to do that in the near future? I would prefer to give the money to you rather than to Elgato :rofl:

yes, soon you will be able to render BTT's floating menus on the new Remote app.

Oh wow, with you, dreams always come true!

any ETA for the new remote app?

First beta versions will be testable sometime in November. So it'll still take a bit, but you can get a slot on the Testflight beta - just drop a quick mail with your apple id to

awesome, thanks you :pray:t4:

hello Andreas, are you still planing to launch the testflight in november? i sent u my apple id to your email few weeks ago

Let's see. I'm collecting all testflight requests and will invite once it's ready!


hey andreas, still not ready to launch the beta ?

no, sorry. Will also update here once it's ready for testing.

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