BTT Remote IOS APP. What's the advantage of the paid Pro Version?

Hi all,

I just bought the BTT App and BTT Remote App and read on the page "It is free to use if you have purchased BetterTouchTool."
BTT Remote has an InApp purchase of 7,99€ for a Pro Version.
Didn´t find any info on the difference between the normal and the Pro version.
And the information on the website implies to me that it comes for free when purchasing BTT.
Maybe I missing something here.
Much appreciated.


the In App purchase just gives you access to a BetterTouchTool license :slight_smile:

You can hide the „get license“ button in the BTT Remote settings.

As soon as you connect to a licensed BTT all festures are available (just make sure to enable BTT Remote in the BetterTouchTool settings)

Oh wow, lightning fast reply.
I understand now. I haven't connected the BTT Remote yet.
Thank you very much.
Schönes Wochenende :wink: