BTT Remote -- for Mac!

In a setup with multiple Macs, I have been using an iDevice and BTT Remote to switch between computers. It occurs to me that it would be even nicer if I could just use one Mac to control all the others. I know there are competing products that offer this functionality, and I've used some in the past -- they're usually not as nice as BTT Remote.

Is there any chance of implementing a BTT Remote app for macOS? In particular I'm curious whether it will be possible to "easily" target macOS using the new features in Xcode 11 and Catalina.

Mhh honestly I'm not sure whether BTT Remote will make a lot of sense on the Mac. There are much better tools for controlling other computers (depending on your use case with screen sharing etc.)

However I'm currently working on a BTT Remote version that is completely HTML+CSS+JS based and will run in a web browser and be super customizable. So you will be able to use this on macOS as well.

Thanks for the quick reply, and for BTT!
A web-based BBT Remote? That sounds pretty neat.
Most of what I want to do is share a single keyboard between machines, they each actually have their own pointing device. If the web-based version lets me type to other machines and activate their shortcuts, that might be the silver bullet I'm looking for. The closest thing to what I want is Synergy, but it's rather more than I need, and somewhat expensive to boot.

I think you should also look into the for this use case most popular (and great) app "synergy":

This is really cool for sharing keyboards / mouses between computers.

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You can also check out ShareMouse, which has a free community version that may work well enough.

However, BTT does not seem to integrate with ShareMouse ( so none of my custom gestures work and it gets expensive when you have more than one display (not supported by free version).

I would love to see BTT support keyboard and mouse sharing between computers. You guys would create the best experience for BTT users. I hope you reconsider.


I came here to suggest the exact same thing.

I've used Synergy in the past, but it's finicky and has nothing like the same level of polish as BTT, and eventually stopped using it. I constantly work with a multiple Mac setup, and usually resort to having a screensharing window open just so I can send mouse and keyboard actions across to the other Mac....but BTT doesn't work through screen sharing which means all of my actions end up happening on my primary Mac.

BTT Remote for Mac would be an amazing addition in my mind. Really hope you'd reconsider.