BTT Remote Bluetooth support (control Mac with iPhone without Wifi)

I just copied a request from the old forum, because I still want it:

"Description of bug/feature request/question:

It would be great to control my Mac with iPhone BTT Remote via bluetooth. One particular use case is presentations in foreign environment (phone and computer are not on the same wifi / wifi does not work etc.)

Affected input device:

BTT Remote on iPhone"

Link to the old request:

Lets make it happen to be able to control our Mac just with our iPhones without the need of having wifi! :slight_smile:

Any new updates in this? I am waiting on it since years... :frowning:

I would be glad for an answer of the developer.

Meanwhile I found out: It is possible to control your Mac within the app Keynote of apple without an internet connection with your iPhone! Sadly this is only possible with this app and not with Microsoft Power Point as far as I know.

Another workaround: The 4th generation Apple TV also supports airplay mirroring of your iPhone/iPad without an internet connection. So you could hook up your Apple TV to the tv or streamer and connect your iPhone/iPad with the presentation to the Apple TV and then present the slides from your iOS device while mirroring it to the Apple TV.

But if BTT Remote could only implement the remote fo your Mac without bluetooth support as well there would be no limits anymore! You could kind of control your Mac hooked up to the tv with your tv. that means you could control anything on your Mac without internet. That would be pretty cool!

It will be added, but I can not say when yet.

Currently you can use BTT Remote via Bluetooth, but only if you connect your Mac over the personal hotspot of the iPhone

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Thank you for your answer! Maybe for your motivation a lot of people would like to have this feature. As an example this is something the lawyers in us courts would use (then they could ditch away their apple tvs in courtrooms with bad internet connections!) (Look to this video after minute 40 if you are interested:

And to create a personal hotspot on the iPhone I still need a mobile Internet connection on my iPhone right? (thinking about the presenters in the basement with no wifi or mobile connection...)

you don't need a internet connection in order to activate Personal Hotspot :slight_smile:

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wait so that means my iPhone does not need to have a SIM card, I am in the desert with no wifi and and I can still create personal hotspot on my iPhone and connect to it with my Mac and then can control my Mac with my iPhone over BTT Remote? So actually I can control my Mac in a desert with no connections at all??? (why didn't I know this before? I will try that out as soon as im home and if it works I will scream out of happiness!!!!!)

As an additional information to this: The Softwares to use your Macbook Keyboard to write on your iPad work with bluetooth only.

Hey Andreas - just curious any plans to push out bluetooth control for BTT Remote? I travel a ton and bought BTT for use in hotel rooms when hooking my laptop up to the TV for movies etc... I haven't had the chance to try it yet but i'm worried I'll have issues!

I've been using the software here in the house for a week and love it. You've built something incredible!

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Hi I would like to ask you whether you have any workaround?

When I want to create a personal hotspot with my iphone (which does not have a sim card inserted) it does not work, because to create a personal hotspot the iPhone needs mobile data.

Another option would be to create an ad-hoc-network from the mac itself: But this feature is very risky and unsecure as it has no password protection anymore:

Also it is possible to integrate an airdop-like function (no internet connection needed) to BTT. Look here:

Is there any progress Andreas? Thank you!

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