BTT Regularly Self-Disabling

BTT keeps disabling itself. At least a few times a day I have to manually re-enable it from the Menu Bar item.

BTT 3.509
macOS 11.1 Beta (20C5061b)
MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2016) (127.7 KB)

Still happening...several times a day at least.

I'm having this same problem on v3.504(1642) on macOS 11.0.1. Specifically, I have to reset because my Snap Areas keep disappearing randomly and won't appear until I restart BTT.

I'm continuing to see this issue - multiple times per day - with no obvious sense of why BTT keeps disabling itself - it could be a sleep/wake issue, but I'm not sure.

macOS 11.2 Beta (20D5029f)
BTT 3.520 (1659)

I've continued to see this issue, where BTT will, for no apparent reason, disable itself, and I have to manually re-enable from the MenuBar "Enable BTT for...". This happens several times a day, usually.

Over the past month+, I have begun to suspect that this behavior has something to do with using Screen Sharing to view/control another machine on my LAN - a machine that is also running BTT. I can't reliably force it to happen, but when I see BTT disabled, it seems to always follow a recent Screen Sharing connection over my LAN.

Further evidence that this has something to do with it comes from the fact that BTT has not spontaneously disabled itself in over a week - but I have been out of town, and not connecting via Screen Sharing over my LAN at home.

I can't guarantee that what I suspect is actually a factor, but it sure seems plausible. I also have no idea what to do to troubleshoot/debug. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.


macOS 12.3 Beta (21E5222a) - but note that this behavior predates this version by a lot
BTT 3.743 (1885) - ditto