BTT Reaching 140+% CPU Usage

Describe the bug
At times my laptop starts to become a heater and beings to lag out very hard. Temps go to 90° and it seems to be BTT. I've had to quit BTT frequently because of this

I've also noticed that applescript widgets feel quite slow compared to how it was performing in the past,

Using BTT 3.373
Using AquaTouch v3.5.8a, hardly made much dev modifications.
MacOS 10.15.4
Dropbox sync is off.

BTT window was closed.
AQT had low-power layouts active with only 1-3 widgets, or even deactivated.

MacBook Pro 2017 13" 4 thunderbolt ports


I'm seeing similar. BTT hitting 97% CPU and the fan spinning up to full speed. I'm frequently force quitting BTT as the load is preventing the keyboard from working.

Seen in BTT 3.372 and 3.373
MacOS 10.13.6

However, it only occurs for me when trying MIDI triggers from the IAC Driver.

MIDI triggers from connected USB devices work fine, with BTT using 0.3% of CPU. As soon as I disable the USB devices and route the same messages via IAC, BTT has a meltdown.

there can be many reasons why a script or some trigger causes high cpu load. If possible sample the BetterTouchTool process using activity monitor when this happens, such a sample can often show what’s going on

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I see 5 BetterTouchToolAppleScriptRunner with high load. I do not use any AppleScripts. Any idea?

I was having the same issue on 16 inch MacBook Pro. MacOS 10.5.5
Significantly draining battery
The solution for me was I updated to BTT Alpha version 3.374 and problem solved. No more high CPU usage.
Try it out and let me know if it fixed it.