BTT quit automatically

I have installed the latest version 3.201 via Setapp, this version quits automatically now and then.

I noticed the release note that "Some specific, advanced macOS configuration options caused the previous Setapp version of BetterTouchTool to regularly quit after 10-15 minutes. This has been fixed."
But I am pretty sure it still haunts me and one of my friends. I have tried reinstalling it including even using CMM to make a "clean install". Nothing helped.

rmbp 2018, mojave 10.14.6
BTT version: Setapp 3.201

me too, when I lock my macmini and relogin system, BTT already quit..
also installed via Setapp

I also have to frequently launch Better Touch Tool. But I'm not using Setapp.

For me, it seems something happens between when I tell my laptop to go to sleep and when I interact with the computer after waking it up.

So far, I haven't been able to figure out a pattern, but it's frequent.

I'm on a Silicon MacBook Air.

Reporting the same issue here. I can't seem to id the pattern however. macOS 11.5 1.1 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i5

Same here. BTT quits after waking up the macbook from sleep mode.

MBP 13" 2015 Big Sur 11.5.2
BTT Version 3.581 (1724)

Same here. I start facing this problem after I resolved the issue, with lagging volumeup/volumedown touchbar shortcut. First I update BTT to the newest version, then to the newest Alfa version (3.581) and at the end update the system to 11.5.2 (20G95) version. After this steps, BTT starts to quit even before system is going to sleep.

MBP 13" 2020 Big Sur 11.5.2
BTT 3.581

are there maybe some Bettertouchtool crashlogs in the macOS console app?

I did't find any Crush log for BTT. If you like, I can share Diagnostic report, but I can't attach it to this thread because of unauthorized format.

Same issue here. I have to frequently restart BTT after wake. I'd say at least 1 in 3 times.

macOS Big Sur 11.2.3 - M1 MBA 2020

Same issue here. Happens to me every now and then for couple months now.

MBP 2019 Big Sur 11.5.2
BTT 3.581

Same exact issue. BTT quits frequently throughout the day, usually after I've woken the computer from sleep.

Computer specs:
2015 Macbook Pro Retina
BTT version 2.428
Mac OS 11.4 (Big Sur)
No crash logs

Debug information: (173.8 KB)

Same exact issue here, happens to me once or twice a day. Anyone come up with a solution?

macOS Big Sur v. 11.6
MacBook Pro M1, 2020
BTT version 3.581
No crash logs

Same issue. Very annoying...

macOS Big Sur v. 11.6
MBA M1, 2020
BTT version 3.581