BTT preventing applications from horizontal scrolling

Describe the bug
In many applications it's possible to horizontally scroll by pressing Shift and using the mouse's scroll wheel. Having BTT running prevents this behaviour.

Affected input device:
MacBook keyboard or external USB keyboard + Logitech g400s mouse

Device information:

  • Type of Mac: MacBook pro early 2015
  • macOS version: Mojave 10.14.3 (18D42)
  • BetterTouchTool version: 2.428 (788)

Additional information:
This issue occurs even when using a totally blank preset

I have just discovered this issue. Can't scroll at all (vert or horiz) with my Logitech G402 if shift is held down. Did you ever find a fix for this, harryd?

Nope, cloudn't find a fix for this

I looked into this again and found a solution!

In the Advacned settings, on the General tab there's a tickbox for "Disable BetterTouchTool while holding" and tick Shift. Give BTT a restart for good measure.

Yes! Thank you! Works great now.

Where'd you find the solution? I was looking all over, just curious

Just found it from tinkering again, missed it before. A year without horizonal scrolling!

I just foudn this bug, so it's still there after over a year. Glad to have your fix, but it's not ideal as it means you can't use shift in any of your BTT triggers.

Fingers crossed for a fix

Turned out it's not even a bug: Disable horizontal scrolling while touching magic mouse 2 - #3 by Andreas_Hegenberg
(I've had the same "bug" and this was the first topic I've found by google, so it seems important to put that link hereā€¦)

this is only a partial solution as holding shift + any other modifier re-enables BTT breaking horizontal scrolling with the scroll wheel. I don't even use BTT for anything mouse related, so why in the world does it insist on (INCORRECTLY) mapping scroll wheel + shift to wheel tilt (regardless of other modifiers)??

Please give an option for this as it completely changes (ruins) the scrollwheel experience in macOS!