BTT-Practical, my Touch Bar setup (WIP)

Hey everyone. Just wanted to post my preset in case there are any pieces that interest others.

Here is the GitHub link, which contains install scripts, screenshots etc.


Hello! I love the preset. Had two customization questions. 1) is there a way to change the CPU temp to Fahrenheit? I'm in the US. and 2) Is there a way to change the memory in use to GB so it matches the total memory? Thanks! Again, I love the preset. Makes the whole Touch Bar much more useful, IMO.

Hi! Glad you are enjoying it.

To you first question, yes, you can change the temp to Fahrenheit. In the "all apps" Touch Bar section, find Shell Script/Task: __% / __ °C. Then in the bash script, change temp=$(/usr/local/bin/osx-cpu-temp) to temp=$(/usr/local/bin/osx-cpu-temp -F). (Add the -F flag).

To your second question, I'm actually not sure. In the latest release of my preset I removed the ram feature because it turns out memory usage is very hard to measure and generally won't be accurate. I also updated the screenshots if you check out the repo.

Great, thanks for getting back to me so fast!

@Deep_Bhavani Well thank you! I'm glad you got it figured out. Just post on this thread if you have any other questions :slight_smile:

So I noticed that the RAM and CPU stats are significantly different from what activity monitor stays. Is that normal?