BTT open in Dock after wake from sleep

I couldn't find a topic about this so I'm hoping someone knows how to fix. BTT has for the past few weeks been open in the dock after my MacBook Pro wakes from sleep. BTT would always run in the background and show only in the menu bar before this change in behavior.

I tried unchecking the "Restart BTT after wake from sleep" checkbox in Advanced Settings > General but BTT rechecks the box when I go back to settings.

Does anyone know how to stop BTT from appearing in the dock after waking my Mac from sleep without disabling BTT?

Are you running an older version of BTT?
Could you try to enable the silent update option?

Thank you for the quick response. I am running version 3.209 (1386) which I believe is the last supported version before the paid upgrade.

I checked the silent update option and will check its behavior.

Thanks again!