BTT on - How to set keyboard shortcuts correctly in on Mac.

I have two monitors and have a keyboard shortcut for moving the app monitor.
cmd + opt + ctrl + → Move app to right monitor
cmd + opt + ctrl + ← Move app to left monitor
I want to do this on, what should I set for Character?
I have tried ← / left / left arrow / L etc.. but it does not work

for special keys you need to use the system key code instead of a character (arrow left is 123 and arrow right is 124)

Thank you for your quick response.

I tried 123 but it did not work.
Safari reloaded the page and google chrome did not respond to anything.

My current settings are as follows.
Trigger - ctrl + opt + cmd + ←
Action - menu bar context:Window;to DELL monitor

Do I need to do any additional configuration in BTT to achieve this?

what are you using the shortcuts app for?

I use several different app layouts to start my work.
I decided to use a combination of and BTT for that layout.