BTT not working in Skype/Facetime/other video or audio apps

Hi everyone, I've looked through the forum and found a few solutions but none that worked for me.

Whenever I FaceTime someone, BTT switches over to a particular preset for FaceTime, instead of sticking to my current preset, which means I can no longer change volume when inside a call.
I currently have "Hide global actions if specific actions are configured in BTT" UNCHECKED, meaning that if I'm in an app with it's own BTT present, I technically should still see my global preset.

Is anyone able to help? It's not a huge problem but it's still annoying when I have to go to syspref to change volume when I'm in a call, rather than just on the Touch Bar.

Select FaceTime on the left in the BTT window and select "App Specific" → TouchBar behaviour. The settings there gets quite excited all by itself sometimes :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey thanks! I'll give that a go.

Unfortunately some apps like Facetime take precedence over everything else. As far as I know there is no way to prevent this.

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Yeah that's a bummer, unfortunately it didn't fix it :frowning: Thanks anyway!!