BTT not switching to appropriate (current app) when using a StreamDeck

I have a StreamDeck XL, and BTT is set to control it (not using BTT as a StreamDeck plugin).

I have added a StreamDeck setting for Chrome app to launch a new browser window with specific website. So it triggers Command+N for new browser window and then pastes the url and sends Enter key command.

It works great when Chrome is the current app I'm using.

However, it doesn't turn off the button when another app is the current app.

Example. The new window and website launch when Safari is the current app.
Or when I'm in Affinity Designer, it creates a new document and pastes the url in the document.

Please help

EDIT: As a user, I would expect the buttons to blank and not perform any action when I switch to an app that doesn't have any actions/triggers/buttons assigned to it.

I have similar actions and they behave exactly as expected. best you take a screenshot of the setting so it's easier to see how you set it up. Based on that, a change can be suggested.

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Best post some screenshots of your config, this should be working fine.

Hi SLE & Andreas!

Here are the configurations and also screenshots of the StreamDeck preview in BTT. The behavior I described happens in the preview and the actual device--so I just used the preview to show you.

Adding this, as there is a limit of 4 images for a post:

This is what I expect to see when I am using Safari. I had to manually reload the preview for the icon to disappear.

Ah I think I can reproduce this.

You don't have any global actions set up, and no actions for the other apps. I think this case is currently not handled correctly - I'll fix that!

For now adding a completely black global button would workaround the issue.

Thank you for looking into this. :slight_smile:

This workaround works for the Chrome and Safari case I experienced!

However, as you fix this case I want to show how it affected my XCode settings so this may be helpful to you.

This is the XCode setting and StreamDeck preview after adding the Global black button


True, that's because global actions are by default added to the app specific ones.

You can control this here:

Is there a reason why you are not using the Open URL / Open URL With Selection trigger?

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I'm still very new to BTT and haven't had an opportunity to read all the documentation--thank you for sharing that with me. :slight_smile:

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Hi @Andreas_Hegenberg ,

Following up on this, has a fix for this been added to BTT? I've been watching release notes to see if I can stop using the workaround you shared. Thanks!