BTT not in App Store

I use BBT on an Intel Macbook Pro. I searched BTT in the App store, to see if it's compatible with Apple's new M1 processor, and it does not appear. I just had two questions.
Is BTT compatible with the new M1 processor?
Is BTT no longer available for download?

It's compatible with M1. I downloaded mine directly from this website.

yes, it’s only available via

hi @Andreas_Hegenberg,

is there any chance to get it to Apple App Store?
Our security team would prefer us to download apps from app store.

Thanks! :relaxed:


no, that's not possible. Sorry! (unless you convince Apple to change their whole App Store sandboxing model ;-))

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thanks for the quick reply!
hahhaha okayyy. naa... dont have that super power to convince Apple. :joy:
all g. thanks and have a great! :relaxed: